5 Tips to Win That Bidding War with Financing

5 Tips to Win a bidding war. bidding wars occur when there is a limited supply of homes for sale and an excess demand for purchase. While nobody wants to get in a bidding war if it’s at all possible, when it means the difference between claiming ownership or losing grasp of what has become a dream home, homebuyers are usually willing.

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 · How To Win A Bidding War Without Overspending. Winning a bidding war requires tactful strategy.. Also, if you’ll be paying in cash, you don’t need a financing contingency, which protects buyers who don’t secure financing in time. Have you won a bidding war? What was your winning move?. related articles and tips. Jason Mewes of ‘Jay.

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5 Tips For Winning A Bidding War.. Financing or inspection contingencies can make sellers nervous about potential delays, so avoid these conditions if you can. In some states, you may be entitled to an inspection even without this contingency. In Georgia, for instance, buyers have a seven-day.

But in the case of a bidding war, you’ll want to go in armed with a certified check or money order already in hand. Not only that, but your deposit amount should be pretty beefy. In Toronto, that amount is usually within the 2% to 5% mark, but in the case of a multiple offer situation, more is obviously better.

These are 5 Awesome Tips for winning a bidding war on a house. If you are in a HOT market and you end up in a bidding war / multiple offers on a house – Use These Tips! I’ve been in real estate.

If you find yourself in a bidding war, you can still come out victorious. Here are 9 strategies that can help you win a bidding war: Tip 1. If you can afford it, pay cash. "It’s clich, but cash is king," says Trenton Hogg, a real estate agent in the Denver area. In that region, three-quarters of home sales wind up in bidding wars.

With low real estate inventory in many parts of the country, properties in some markets are receiving multiple offers and sparking bidding wars among eager buyers. national real estate brokerage Redfin reports that in March, 63.4 percent of offers submitted by Redfin agents across 19 markets faced competition

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