Clash of Clans Update: New Builder O.T.T.O Explained!

As a result, the studio has a writer devoted strictly to developing new story and scenarios to tackle solo, ensuring there’s something fulfilling to do besides PvP. None of this means Dawn of Titans.

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Download full latest version clash of clans private server unlimited gems, Download latest PlenixCLash Latest APK, more gems and much more, Builders update..PlenixClash has now been updated to version 9.105.10 of Clash of Clans.

Get ready, we have a new troop, a new defense and O.T.T.O, a brand new builder that allows the Master Builder to travel between both villages as an extra builder! But it’s not all about the Builder Base, a Practice Mode was announced for the Main Village and, at last, the Operation Blue Skies was finally confirmed (but will be explained on the next sneak peek). builder Hall 9. The Builder Hall 9 upgrade costs 3.800.000 Gold and takes 6 days to complete.

New Builders Hall 9 Sneak Peek | O.T.T.O Hut | Lava Launcher | Update | Clash of Clans. NEW Troop, NEW BUILDER! Clash of Clans UPDATE Sneak Peek – Builder Hall 9! Clash of Clans – Builder Hall 9 Dev Update Video – June 2019 Update . New Upcoming Update Clash of Clans – COC And New Upcoming.

Clash of Clans UPDATE New CLONE Spell = More troops! 58 views. 13:10 NEW Vs. OLD!! – WORST AND BEST TROOPS FACEOFF – Clash of clans. 64 Views. 16:23 NEW UPDATE EXPLAINED – Builder Base Tips | Clash of Clans. 58 Views. 11:33 Clash Of Clans GET FREE GEMS!! INVITE ME TO YOUR CLAN!! Xmas Update. 58.

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O.T.T.O is the Master Builder latest invention, a new builder available on the Builder Base. Once you have unlocked O.T.T.O you will be able to choose if the Master Builder stays on the Builder Base (so you can use 2 builders there) or on the Home Village (bringing to max builders up to 6). How to Unlock O.T.T.O

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