Factor Funds: Looking for Bright Spots in Value Stocks

A retired customer has an existing stock portfolio held in a cash account. He has heard that "leveraging" his portfolio can increase his return. The portfolio holds blue chip stocks that pay current dividends. He wants to transfer the positions to a margin account and use them as collateral to buy more stocks of the same blue chip companies.

Value Criteria #1: You don’t need to find the best quality companies-average or better is fine. Benjamin Graham recommended using Standard & Poor’s rating system and required companies to have an S&P Earnings and Dividend Rating of B or better. The S&P rating system ranges from D to A+. Stick to stocks with ratings of B+ or better, just to be on the safe side.

Stocks are performing well, but the potential for headline risk, be it geopolitical or earnings-related remains, indicating investors may want to consider hedging equity bets with alternative.

Step 3: Estimate intrinsic values. For example, only consider buying when the current stock price is 25% – 50% lower than the intrinsic value of the stock. This way, much of the downside risk is negated because the stock is already very cheap, while simultaneously increasing the odds of generating serious returns.

The lesson here is that the best index funds to buy for the foreseeable future aren’t all going to look. as another factor.

Value is perhaps the best-known factor. fund, says Joe Smith, deputy chief investment officer of CLS Investments, an advisory firm based in Omaha, Neb. A handful of big tech stocks are powering the.

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May.23 — Bloomberg Intelligence’s anthanasios psarofagis examines factor flows and the differences in value stocks. He speaks on

This is where looking at Morningstar’s star ratings is a good next step. These ratings, which correspond to buy, strong buy,

I’m convinced that the single best sector for investors right now is small-cap value stocks.. 7 small-cap stock funds That Could Pay Off Big.

An individual stock is always going to be more volatile than a diversified mutual fund. Look at the 52-week highs and lows for stocks that you’re interested in to get some perspective on how.

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