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cooling your Home with whole-house fans: an alternative to air conditioners? Whole-house fans are large ventilation fans, typically installed in the attic, able to cool an entire house at a fraction of the cost of air conditioners.

ATTIC BREEZE solar powered attic Fans are made in the USA and have been tested in the worst weather nature can dish out from hurricanes to hail storms. ATTIC BREEZE fans are comprised of an all metal construction with welded seams to create a product designed to last a lifetime. Shop Attic Breeze

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In contrast, an attic cooling fan resides in the attic and is used to push hot air out of the attic space. energy Efficiency and Whole House Fans: Finding the Answer The main advantage of a whole house fan is that you can cool the home without running the air conditioner, which is almost always more expensive to operate than the fan.

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When you run a whole house fan in the morning and evening when it’s coolest outside, the fan flushes heat out of your attic and pulls in cool air through your open windows. Because it cools your house before the air conditioning goes on, your air conditioning won’t have to work so hard during the day.

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According to Energy Audit of building systems (krarti, M. 2010), it’s better to assume four manners of heat transfer by including the mass flow rate of fluids involved (don’t forget, every time you run your cold tap, you’re bringing water of a specific temp into your house). The formula (without symbols) is:

The Energy Saver 3100, our super energy efficient Quiet Cool whole house fan moves 3081 cubic feet of air per minute! This fan can draw in cool air and push hot air out enabling you to cool your living space in minutes. Suitable for up to 1550 square feet at 2 cfm per square foot.

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