VA Home Loan Myth Debunked!

VA loans have been the subject of many myths and rumors over the years, especially in military circles. So we’re here to debunk some of these myths you’ve probably heard as you’ve asked around about the VA loan process. VA loans have been the subject of many myths and rumors over the years, especially in military circles. 1.

Myth #3: You must have a perfect credit score to get a VA loan. Fact: VA loans have relatively easy credit requirements. In many cases, you can get a VA home loan if you have an average or low credit score, and in fact, you can even get a VA home loan if you have experienced foreclosure or bankruptcy before! Lenders of VA home loans are very.

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From inaccuracies posted on message boards to bad blogs, there is an abundance of VA loan myths out there. Let’s tackle the five most common VA home loan myths and reaffirm the strength and flexibility of this unique financing tool. It only takes minutes to fill out our VA home loan application, so start today.

Debunking the VA Privatization Myth. April 13, 2018. There is no effort underway to privatize VA, and to suggest otherwise is completely false and a red herring designed to distract and avoid honest debate on the real issues surrounding Veterans’ health care.

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Get your VA Home loan facts straight from VA home loan specialist and local loan officer, Debra Denimarck. Skip navigation. VA home loan myth debunked! Debra D. Loading. Unsubscribe from.

The process is different for applying for a VA loan versus an FHA or conventional loan, so as long as you choose a lender who is experienced in the VA space, it shouldn’t take them any longer to process your application or for you to close on your home. Myth 2: They’re hard to get. VA loan qualification is no more difficult than any other.

4 common VA loan myths debunked.. If you are selling your home, please do not exclude VA-backed loan applicants from your pool of buyers. They have put up with enough during their service time.

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